Meet Our Team

John Wolf

John is the founder of Wolf Pack Coaching & Consulting and the former Chief Fitness Officer of Onnit. He is a seasoned Health & Wellness professional, empowering entrepreneurs through the "Adventure Retreat Mastermind" to reach their next level of success! With expertise and guidance, John helps individuals unlock their potential and achieve transformative growth!

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AJ Londono

Rope flow, Mind and Body Optimization Coach
AJ has a diverse and deep Background in Science, Movement Mechanics and Philosophy. Seven time Onnit Specialist. Cofounder of ELVT Movement, and group instructor of multiple modalities including Animal flow, Kettlebells, Steel Mace, Strength & Conditioning. With over a decade of experience as diverse as the industry itself AJ has a way of connecting you more to yourself and elevating how you breathe, move, and feel.

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Georgie Boynton

Born in Vermont, Georgie grew up playing barefoot in the mountains. An explorer and adventurer from a young age, she has always been an advocate for movement, authentic self expression and curiosity! In 2018 Georgie Co-Founded ELVT Movement. An organization founded on the principles that “the way you breathe, move and feel are all connected” Georgie is committed to helping her community achieve their goals and improve all aspects of life through awareness of mindset, movement and breathing.

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